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04 September 2007 @ 09:00 pm

i totally forgot to put my pictures from florida up.

i just hate putting them on photo bucket. so much work.

i'll get around to it though. i promise. :)

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23 August 2007 @ 02:40 am

i'm back from florida today & the weather sucks here! lol. makes me want to go back to florida. well almost. i did miss my mom so i'm happy i got to see her.

i got home and like a half hour later i left. everyone went to steve's. then we got taco bell. i kinda like taco bell too much.

well i'm reallllly tired. so good night.

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15 August 2007 @ 03:28 pm

i figured i'd make an update while i'm here in florida.

the weather is so unbelievably hot. the beach is almost unbearable. especially since i don't particularly like ocean water. i do have a bit of a tan going on though. haha.

there isn't much to do around here. we're not by disney or anything so all we've pretty much been doing is going to the beach or in the pool or going to the pool hall. doug left yesterday so now its going to be hard to get around and go to the pool hall and such. (i suck at pool b.t.w. but its fun to play) i kinda wish he stayed longer cause it was fun to have him around but oh well i guess.

me and brian broke up last night, i think for good this time. he said something about choosing him or doug and i said doug. it drives me nuts that the only people that understand what me and doug have and will always have are me and him and our parents. he has been my best friend for almost six years, he knows me better than anyone, you just can't come between that. friendship like that is too hard to find and i'm not willing to lose it for anyone. i guess its for the better? we'll see.

well i'm going to go watch titanic! bye. ♥

i haven't taken many pictures but when i get back home i'll put them up.
and i still can't figure out that &heart; stuff. i'm like HTML illiterate. help?

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07 August 2007 @ 02:26 am
my gosh i haven't updated in so long. 18 weeks according to lj.

lets see. what have a been up to? lately, not much. working and such.

the summer has been okay. i went to the fair twice, went to great adventure & erica's house, just hung out and stuff. me and brian broke up but we're back together, kayla came down for a month. that was nice, i love that girl. ♥  i'm going to florida on the 8th! i'm going to stay with dougs family. i'm so excited! i've never been to florida.

well i have some pictures from the summer. i'm not patient enough to upload all of them cause photo bucket takes forever and resizes them all. its just ugh. (oh, i got a digital camera too. i've been wanting one foreeeever.)

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26 July 2006 @ 05:08 pm

why is lance bass gay?
i love him.
i'm very upset.

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